Strength & Conditioning

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You owe it to yourself to strengthen your bones, improve your posture and be able to lift and move easily. It’s not just for young people but all ages.

Helps Prevent Injury. One of the top benefits of strength and conditioning is that it will help protect you from injury. Those who understand body mechanics and have a good foundation when it comes to working out will be well-poised to strengthen tendons and ligaments and eliminate any muscle imbalances, which are some of the main causes of injury.

Strong Healthy Bones. A smart strength and conditioning program can actually help prevent osteoporosis, which is one of the most common ailments of ageing. By integrating regular weight bearing exercise and strengthening, you will be strengthening your bones, which will in turn result in a strong musculoskeletal system. Strong bones mean that you will be able to lift, move, and perform a wide range of recreational activities for a lot longer.

Improved Posture. A strength and conditioning program will help train your muscles, allowing you to lift and hold your body upright in a much safer manner. With this better posture, you may actually appear taller and feel more confident.

Enhanced Mood. It’s commonly understood that endorphins are released during a good workout, such as a strength and conditioning program. This type of workout will provide you with the opportunity to burn calories at a faster rate, at the same time strengthening and toning your muscles. As you burn calories and those endorphins are flowing, you may notice that your mood is elevated and you are able to deal with stressful situations in a more controlled manner.

Increased Fitness. Strength and conditioning works to make your body stronger, providing you with the skills needed to create a more effective workout. When your core is strong, you will be able to transfer energy to the rest of your muscles, resulting in more powerful muscle contractions and quicker reps.

Increased Metabolism. As with most exercise, strength and conditioning can actually increase your metabolism, helping you maintain a balanced weight and create a healthy lifestyle. When your muscles are stronger, you will burn more calories and keep the unwanted weight from your door (and your body).