Healing Therapies

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Pain often stems from a lack of blood flow. When you have pinched off that flow, you will feel the effects in your body.

6D Therapy Alignment

Therapeutic Alignment is an Osteo-inspired series of unique movements that bring balance back to the body. When our body is out of balance and experiences pain, the effects can be felt throughout the whole body.

For example:

  • If you have sore knees, your lumbar is likely to be out of alignment
  • When you experience headaches and migraines the culprit could be the neck.
  • Experiencing heart burn or reflux can be the result of misalignment.

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Reconnective Healing

All healing is self-healing. Every person can heal themselves. However it is sometimes quicker to use a bridge or conduit, often referred to as a healer.

Reconnective Healing shares the basic principle of returning the body to balance through touch and energy. It uses no poses or needles, meridians or techniques. But instead taps into the divine healing intelligence. The same intelligence that enables the body to heal from a cut as from a cancer.

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