Emotional Therapies

Past life therapy

What you think and how you feel, comes out in your body. So when you’re in emotional pain, you’re going to feel it in your body too.

Emotional Coaching

Life can be difficult sometimes. Not because of what you have done but because of how it has unfolded. We all get that ‘out of control’ feeling at times but it’s not an ideal way to live life. Coaching is a valuable way to find out what has gone awry in your life and how you can change the direction.

To confirm to yourself if you could benefit from emotional coaching, you only need ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Is your life working?
  2. Can you imagine a great future?
  3. Do you know what’s standing in your way?

Gayle Maree is an author, counselor and 6 Dimensions of Healing Life Engineer. She specializes in designing bridges for people to build that they may use to move from where they are now to where they want to be.

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Past Life Therapy

Why do we forget all our past experiences when we have had so many? It is rather like all the meals you have eaten in this lifetime. You don’t remember many and most weren’t significant to your life today. This is similar to your memory as you get older. It is only the things relevant to what you are doing that you need remember.

Past-Life Therapy is a technique that uses deep meditation to recover  memories of past lives or incarnations.  Past-life Therapy is typically undertaken either in pursuit of knowledge, or as a therapy.

You would choose to use Past Life Therapy as a tool if you were feeling stuck, whether in doubt or fear, you wanted to know the significance of relationships that still hindered your progress or you may have debilitating pain that doesn’t have a solution.

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