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Yungaburra Fitness and Health

Yungaburra Fitness and Health

We enjoy helping you make your life better. With a little attention and knowledge, we can help you turn your workout into a better life experience. Not only do we have a 24 hour gym in Yungaburra, but we have direct access to lifestyle changes that can enhance your life.

Wellness Support

Wellness Support

We are affiliated with a full range of Natural Health Services such as:

~ Naturopathy
~ Keto Diet Management
~ Healing Therapies
~ Pain Management
~ Emotional Therapies

These compliment your fitness lifestyle and help you maintain the healthy body you want. We don't just want you to look good but to feel great.

To find out more, see our Services section.

Yungaburra Gym

A Boutique Style Gym on the Tablelands

Usually you have to travel to towns that are larger to find a well equipped gym. Right in the heart of this historic village, you can now find everything you need for your fitness and wellness needs. Welcome to Yungaburra gym.

No matter what fitness level you are or what your age, Yungaburra gym can design a program for you. Whether for cardio or for osteoporosis, you will find a great workout atmosphere to suit your needs.

Yungaburra Gym

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Your Fitness and Health Is Our Focus

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Our Mission

To support each individual in their health and fitness needs by creating a program and connecting them to the wellness that can help them create a life they love.

Yungaburra Gym

Here at the gym in Yungaburra, we create a comfortable environment for every body in an easy, relaxed setting. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week for members. All ages are welcome.